Why We Pull Down Your Panties

Spanking Theatre
4 min readJul 2, 2019


The British style of bare bottom spanking is to take your panties off completely. [Source]

All naughty girls know the consequences of misbehaving, even if they’re yet to actually experience it themselves.

A good hard spanking on the bare bottom.

But have you ever contemplated why we disciplinarians always pull down your panties?

One obvious reason is the highly charged erotic theatre of the undressing ritual, a simple act that can simultaneously flood a naughty girl’s mind with a heady mixture of trepidation, excitement and shame.

Some girls think their panties must come down because a spanking on bare skin hurts more. But in reality, a barrier of thin fabric rarely has much moderating effect, and could easily be negated by pulling the panties up tight to expose her buttocks anyway. So dispensing with protective cover isn’t a strong reason to pull them down at all.

A more compelling reason it is provides an opportunity for her to confirm her consent. When a disciplinarian tells her to pull down her own panties, they are offering her an option: she can acquiesce to their instructions and signal her willingness to submit to her impending punishment, or she can assert her right to say no and call a halt the scene.

Another part of the reason is, of course, that spankers tend to find the buttocks and the intimate areas that lie within both aesthetically beautiful and sensually arousing. Even though disciplinarians often prefer to keep their appreciation to themselves, especially when needing to project a stern, austere professional demeanour. After all, a girl who reports to be spanked should be thinking about the smacks on her bottom, not how pretty it looks.

But perhaps the most important reason we pull down your panties is because it allows us to see how excited you are.

To we disciplinarians, little details matter. We notice the sticky smears inside your underwear as you slip them down your thighs, and the glistening wetness of your slit that you do your best to hide. We know arousal prior to punishment is inseparable from the act of physical discipline. It is not a mere side-effect, but something just as important as the pain you’ll soon be experiencing.

As stories like Abstract Art and Ups and Downs demonstrate, the discovery of a sticky mess in the panties of one about to be spanked speaks volumes.

A wet slit tells a disciplinarian something she dares not say aloud: that her brattiness is an act, and her protests a charade. Her arousal demonstrates that in reality, she needs this discipline. It might even reveal how much she craves it.

We disciplinarians inspect those we put across our knees to assess how much this spanking will actually hurt. We know any girl who bends over with a dripping slit will already be high on a heady cocktail of arousal hormones, her body awash with adrenaline, estradiol and oxytocin. Her spanking might still hurt, but we know it will only be a transient sting, her pain soon transmuted to a fuzzy pleasure by the endorphins it triggers.

When a girl with a wet slit is being spanked, we know it is because she needs to be spanked.

To take your spanking like a good girl, is to submit without fuss. Aroused, contrite and accepting.

But what if a girl is spanked without being aroused at all?

An unaroused girl is one who had not anticipated her spanking, one who’ll receive little satisfaction from her punishment, one who will be dismissed with a bottom that’s hot, pink and sore, uncomfortably stinging and throbbing.

This is what happens to Bad Girls. Those who receive abrupt, sudden punishments. The ones taken unawares, whose misbehaviour results in a wrist being grasped, to be dragged over a lap or bent over in front of the class. Bad Girls are not aroused because they didn’t think their misdemeanour would ever be discovered, they believed they’d got away with it.

But now her skirt is being raised and her panties are being tugged down. True punishment spankings are always performed without delay, so the miscreant doesn’t have time to get aroused. Not for her the mercy of visiting the headmistress after school, clit hard and pussy moist after a quick rubbing in a nearby toilet cubicle. Bad Girls are spanked immediately. Their pleas ignored.

Her disciplinarian nudges a Bad Girl’s legs apart, noticing how the lips of her slit are slim and dry, not swollen and puffy. In this state, two dozen hard whacks with the cane, slipper or wooden ruler can suffice. Her arousal will come later, as she stands in the corner with her red cheeks on display, or replays her humiliation as she lies on her bed, with her fingers between her legs.

A Bad Girl rarely feels contrition, and only begins to regret her naughtiness as her bottom reddens. She resents being punished as she doesn’t really feel she’s done anything wrong. She may kick and whine and struggle and cry, but we disciplinarians already know what to expect. We have foreseen it.

Not that we needed to read your mind. A bare slit reveals everything we need to know.

And that is why we pull down your panties.

Originally published at https://www.tumblr.com on July 2, 2019.