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Writing for the theatre between your ears
Image by Hulki Okan Tabak

I am creating a free-to-read newsletter, and everyone is invited.

Its name reflects the mission of this blog, encouraging readers to look behind the curtain, and explore the erotic treasures hidden deep within the kinky mind we all possess.

But why a newsletter?

An occasional email might seem an archaic…

Image: Little Angels by Jerzy Górecki

What do we mean when we call someone naughty?

What does naughtiness actually mean?

Is the act of breaking the rules?

Whose rules?

Is there really a rule that says you can’t sneak off to masturbate, or read an erotic story in public, or flash yourself to your lover?


The occurrence of the word spanking in English texts over the last 220 years. It has never been more popular. Source: Google Ngrams

Most define their sexuality by the gender(s) they find attractive. …

And then she announced:

“… the next item on the menu… will be bare licked cunt…”

She let her words hang in the air, where they seemed to charge the atmosphere between us like a tiny erotic thunderstorm.

In the vast treasure trove of my memories, that one moment blazes…

Washed away by improvising fingers (restyled after Michel Fingesten by the author)

Play can be so much more than just rubbing yourself to climax. So in this post, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to utilise your imagination to achieve truly immersive playtimes. …

A spanking story from the near future

… continued from part three …

Agatha had time enough to ponder as she stood in front of the spanking clock, in her period of enforced mindfulness.

Her mind drifted amid the rhythm of the metronomic ticks. Why had her stay in the…

A guide for (erotic) writers

Endings are so difficult to get right that I deliberately write them before I flesh out the details of a story.

If I can’t think of a satisfactory way to end a story, I know it’s still not well-formed enough in my mind. So I’ll…

A spanking story from the near future

… continued from part two …

Everything went dark, and then everything was brilliantly bright, as if her eyes were illuminated by the light of an exploding sun.

When the dazzling flash had faded, she could see that she was standing in front…

Let’s talk about the seduction of curious minds.

Stories are magic portals to new imaginary worlds, written for other intrepid souls to enter and explore. But to truly capture readers’ imaginations and pull them deep into the story, the portal needs to be both enticing and easily approachable. …

When social stability collides with individual adventurousness

Adam and Eve — from The Ghent Altarpiece, by Jan van Eyck, c1432 [source]

Why is there a taboo around sexual behaviour?

Sex is pleasurable, essential for our species’ survival, and experienced in some form by nearly every adult human being who has ever lived. Yet it’s not something most feel able to talk freely about. …

Spanking Theatre

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